Attachments are equipables which enhance, alter or boost various stats of your ship and are your secondary way of improving your ship. Currently there are 467 known attachments in the official release, and 497 in the alpha release of CounterAttack.

You can obtain Attachments through various means, reaching from destroying certain enemies and bosses to wielding certain combinations, finding secrets or fulfilling certain tasks that award you either with a guaranteed, or a chance to unlock an attachment.

As you progress through the game, it is your task to optimize and combine your attachments and seek out the best ways to enhance your ship in as many ways as possible.

Attachments are coming in 2 different variants, each affecting different parts of your ship:

  • Modules, which enhance ship specific stats, provide drops, specialize your weaponry or spawn in friendly NPC's.
  • Weapons, which alter, enhance and upgrade your weapons to get the maximum out of them.

From the very beginning you can wield 3 modules and 3 weapons on your ship which can be further enhanced to 4 modules and 4 weapons by using battle pods, or by using battle pods adj. for 5 module and 5 weapon-slots. Furthermore, Module weapon and Weapon module can convert 1 existing slot to the other, offering up to 6 slots in one of the two slots.

Attachment Rarity Edit

Attachments rarity is identified by the color of the text. Higher rarities usually mean better stats.

  • Common - White
  • Uncommon - Blue
  • Rare - Gold
  • Epic - Orange
  • Steam Items - Purple
  • Seasonal - Green

List of modules Edit

List of weapon conversions Edit

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