CA enemy names

Some names of enemy ships (likely to be changed)

Regular Automatons Edit

These automatons are the most common enemies faced and often show up in large numbers. The larger the automaton, the higher the HP. On easy levels, automatons are usually smaller and they get bigger as levels get harder.

  • Cruisers - shoot bursts of 3-4 mesons forward and one ship-targeting meson. Sometimes shoots bursts of 3-4 mesons to both sides as well. They drop Strange Module, Battle Pods and High Power Mesons attachments.
  • Bursters - shoot slow-moving mesons in uneven radial bursts. Drop Homing Meson attachment
  • Quantium Hunters - shoot bursts of ship-targeting dual lasers. Protected by 3 shielding automatons. Moves counter-clockwise around the screen. Most easily killed with ultimate abilities. Appear when pilots have high amounts of quantium. Drops Quantium Scavenger.
  • Dive bombers - as seen in vertical survival. Dive bomb the pilots and shoots a few (lasers?) in a partial radial pattern. Hard to dodge and hard to kill. (The Intervention level boss is a swarm of these).
  • Basic Drone - Most common automaton. Usually in traveling lines or groups. Don't shoot, but large numbers of them distract missiles and fill up the screen.
  • Hard Drone - Armored version of above. More common in late-game and harder levels. Sometimes dive bomb solo and try to fly kamikaze into pilots. Easier to destroy with plasma than mesons.
  • Drone Host - Produce mini drones that target the player. Also works as a defensive measure against missiles due to the high number of drones produced.
  • Mini Carrier - First appear in the Ascent level. Produce continuous lines of other automatons. On later levels they also shoot bursts of mesons forward. They drop the Super Sized attachment.
  • Beamer - They always begin connected to one or more other beamers or to some automatons, mini-bosses, and level bosses. When connected, they produce a continuous laser beam shield that blocks most attacks, including beams, missiles, plasma, and non-piercing mesons. Destroying key beamers in a web will also destroy the laser beams for all connected beamers. When connected to other automatons, the connected automatons are invulnerable until the beamers are destroyed, even if only one is connected. They drop the Melee Lasers attachment.
  • Shooter - periodically shoots mesons straight up or down (depending on placement). Usually appear in small groups that make waves of mesons that can be difficult to dodge, but easily avoided if killed quickly.

Mini-Bosses Edit

These mini-bosses appear in the middle of levels and can often cause difficulty if not killed quickly. Some also double as level bosses (with higher HP)

Level Bosses Edit

Appear at the end of levels.

  • Assault Cruiser
  • Automaton Prime
  • Bee Boss
  • Invader
  • Pulser Boss
  • Moore Boss
  • Nemesis
  • Razor
  • Conqueror
  • Automaton Battle Cruiser
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