Ultimate - Marcus ship fires star-shaped shockwave, which damages most of enemies on screen and destroys most of enemy bullets.

Bio Edit

Male, 23, (previously) institutionalized

Marcus was institutionalized prior to the invasion. He escaped and stole an experimental fighter with a new type of meson shockwave weapon. With this ship he entered the fray and destroyed countless automaton attack drones. While he isn't officially sanctioned and did technically steal a classified craft, it has been determined that he does more good than harm as he carves a path of destruction towards the automaton AI.

Starting Attachments Edit

  • Speed - 2/5
  • Spread - 1/3
  • Side - 0/2
  • Beam - 0/1
  • Missile - 0/2
  • Power - 1/2
  • Plasma - 0/3
  • Drone - 0/3

Ship Stats Edit

  • Power - Low
  • Speed - High
  • Ultimate - Meson Shockwave
  • Ultimate Stat - Meson

Notes Edit

Marcus has higher rate of fire than others.

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